Your City Your Space

‘Your City, Your Space’ is a new adventure for The Ark
Working in partnership with David Wait, the manager of the Galleries shopping mall in Bristol City Centre, we have been given an opportunity to expand and reimagine the work of The Ark by creating an initiative called “Your City, Your Space”. We have been provided free access to a shop unit on the ground floor that will provide a space for conversation, of practical support and for quiet reflection. We are looking to develop a rhythm to our days so that those visiting the unit and those who volunteer with us, will gain a sense of consistency and familiarity, which we feel is vital when developing relationships. It will be a space which reflects values of inclusivity and welcome and that provides people with an opportunity to engage creatively with faith in unexpected and unconventional ways.
We aim to work with agencies and our ecumenical partners to provide practical support (such as food bank collections, debt counselling, repair shop, etc.) so that the love of God can be demonstrated in practical ways.
We aim to be a place of quiet reflection for those who wish to come and decompress from the stresses of life, which are especially important in our current climate. We shall look to work with our workplace Chaplain and other agencies to offer meditation sessions and relaxation spaces.
We aim to be present to all people whatever their backgrounds or faith experience. We shall communicate our faith through all manner of creative ways not relying totally on the spoken. We aim to encourage and foster a sense of curiosity and a space where people are free to explore and ask questions about God.

“Pioneering is the adventure of discovering, shaping, and articulating the gospel in a place previously untouched by established patterns of church and evangelism. Pioneering expects the emergence of a new church community and breaks the ground for the possibility of a new church to grow” (New Places for New People – Methodist Connexion Evangelism & Growth Team)