Rummaging For God

This group is for anyone who wonders about God. We welcome those of no faith, a new faith, a long-standing faith, those who are just exploring, those who feel that maybe something is out there but not sure what it is, those who have stopped attending established Church but want to explore ways of reconnecting differently. anyone who feels they would like to talk about faith in their lives, for anyone who does not quite fit into the established Church model, for anyone who has been hurt or is confused. This group welcomes anyone who is interested and wonders – we are all on a journey and we can rummage for God together.
Originally, we envisaged that this group would meet in a café locally but then lockdown occurred! This has resulted in unexpected gifts as we moved the group to online, which has meant that we can meet with people from across the country.
If you would like to join us, we would love to meet you. We gather every Friday from 12.30 till 2pm, you do not have to come each week as we know that life sometimes life gets busy – come when you are able. If you send me an email, we can send you the zoom link.
*For those local to us, we shall also be offering a face to face gathering when current restrictions permit.