Meet The Team

Welcome to our ‘meet the team’ page. We are a small team of three, but we frequently work with wonderful volunteers and folk from different agencies who support us and our work.

I have been with The Ark since the beginning and it has been a joy and privilege to be part of the adventure and to work with some wonderfully inspirational people. I would say that I am constantly being surprised by God and sometimes a little vexed, as he always seems to have more plans which unfold as we journey along. I can say that being part of this work has been transformational in so many ways.
I am passionate about sharing God’s love with people in different and unexpected ways. Having always felt at ‘the edge’ of established Church I am constantly amazed at what God is up to within our communities and feel very fortunate that I get to join it with it. I love that I get the opportunity to meet and talk with so many people and hopefully share something of my faith with them in practical and creative ways. I hope our work enables people to be curious, to ask questions and to see something of God’s incredible love.

Jenny Co-ordinator – The Ark




For me life has been and still is a journey. I love journeys where I can explore and experience the wonderful “outside” right on our doorstep as well as those to other parts of the world where a whole new culture can be experienced and lived. Life’s journey for me has sometimes been easy, other times hard, sometimes rough and sometimes smooth, many times an uphill climb followed by a downhill ramble. Life’s journey has been dotted with moments of rest and reflection. There have been moments when I have experienced deep sadness, confusion or overwhelming doubts as well as moments of sheer excitement, confidence and determination. However, each moment has been an experience, a time of exploring emotions and a time of learning. On this journey I heard about this man called Jesus. I loved the stories about Him as I grew up but the thing that has stayed with me most is his friendship and love he has shown me and given me for free. My journey has gone from being part of Jesus shaped communities outside of church buildings in Ecuador to living and working within church buildings but constantly stepping outside whenever possible because I never felt totally comfortable inside. Until finally the frustration within me got too much and I had to “get out” and follow God’s spirit leading me onwards on my journey. This has brought me to The Ark team where I feel comfortable and satisfied working in many communities within Bristol and more specifically Alveston and Seamills. I can’t say how privileged I feel to be able to meet so many beautiful and wonderfully diverse humans. This does not mean the journey is constantly smooth, in fact it can be very difficult and messy at times, but my contentment is in knowing I am where Jesus is already working to build Jesus shaped communities.
Heidi Ark Community Worker


I first began working with the Ark as an intern, part of the One Programme scheme. I was called to continue my work as a full team member whilst finishing my degree in Mathematics and felt it was the right role for me. I love art and utilise it to relax and connect with others. I am transgender and do a lot of personal work for LGBT+ issues, hoping one day to do research in this field.

Alex Ark Community Worker