Emerging Hope

Emerging Hope Easter Trail 2021

We are so delighted to be able to welcome you to the 2021 Easter Trail. 

We have called this year’s trail ‘Emerging Hope’, marking the events of the last year, the highs and the lows. To allow space to mourn for what has been lost and to look forward to brighter times.                                                                                                                                                                         
This year we asked children to think about the things which have helped them feel hopeful, things which they are looking forward to and some of the things which have left them feeling sad. We asked them to create pictures capturing those feelings. The response from the children has been overwhelming! 

Some of these beautiful pictures have been collaged onto giant hearts whilst others you will discover displayed on boards as you walk around the Galleries. In amongst all the artwork, you will spot a flurry of colourful butterflies. 

At Easter, the story is told about the journey that Jesus took which resulted in his death on a cross. For his friends and followers, it must have felt that all hope was gone. Yet new beginnings often come out of painful endings and ultimately Easter is a story of hope. 

Jesus died on Good Friday but three days later on Easter Sunday, his tomb was found empty, and his friends met him, risen from the dead. They found hope, joy, forgiveness, and a new start. 

We tell this story to remember that hope can be found in difficult times and that there are always options and possibilities to move forward. After a year that has been strange and full of challenges, we pray that you all have happy days ahead of you full of joy and that any difficulties you still may have to face, do not overwhelm you.  

As you walk around the Galleries, please use the map to mark where you discover all the hearts. How many can you find? There is also a space to tell us how many butterflies you discovered! So, keep your eyes open 😊 We will be emailing certificates to everyone who takes part in the trail. To receive a certificate, please push your completed maps under the door at “Your City, Your Space” which can be found on the ground floor by Jungle Rumble, including an email address. Have fun!

Download Map HERE