It is a busy time!

Hello! I realised that we have not written on here since Easter (which is shocking). So I thought that I would write a few words this morning before heading out to Creat8, a summer art project for children and young people. Since Easter, the team have been busy with all sorts of activities. We have been out at local festivals, which often dominates our time at this time of the year. It is a pleasure and joy to be out within local communities talking to people and listening to their stories – it helps that the weather has been kind too.

We have also recruited a new member of staff, Heidi, who joined us in May – which is very exciting.

As I speak we are knee deep in the final details for the South Glos Show, which is next weekend. Our theme for the weekend is sustainability. During the weekend we shall be running activities that all use recycled materials, my house and car boot is filling up with all sorts of odds and ends! It is quite amazing what you can make out of stuff that we are going to throw away. I will talk more about this … Read the rest

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Calmer Llama trail – Easter 2019

It is that time of the year again when the Ark team is busy beavering away planning the annual Easter trail. This year we have 52 fabulous llamas that are in need of decorating by various groups across Bristol and South Gloucestershire. The trail has been going for 8 years now and no-one would have ever envisaged that it would have grown to the numbers that it now has. This is such a joyous event in which to be involved and the success and popularity of the trails is a combination of the wonderfully imaginative designs and care taken by the children and young people decorating the animals and the sheer enthusiasm of the retailers who all look forward to receiving their visiting animal.

This year’s trail theme is Resilience and Determination’. We felt that this was relevant topic to explore as we are living in a period of uncertainty and change, and this can leave us all feeling discombobulated at times. All the groups were asked to consider the things in their life which they may have found difficult and how they have overcome them. They also remembered how it felt when they achieved something that they first thought … Read the rest

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