About Us

The beginning…

It all started with the words…  “John Wesley had a horse, so maybe we should have a bus”, so the concept of the Ark was born. John Wesley spent much of his time in Ministry on the road, visiting communities and talking to groups of people, he famously said: “the world is my parish”. Whilst the Ark does not quite reach over the world; we wanted to develop a project that worked with people within their communities and offer exciting and innovative ways of sharing and demonstrating God’s love and our Christian faith and took Church outside of buildings. We had a strong wish for our work to be characterised by our actions, that all welcome and a deep sense that all people were important.

The journey so far…

The core aims of the Ark are:

  1. To seek opportunities to demonstrate and share faith within communities by working with local organisations.
  2. To strive to discover diverse and accessible ways in which we can communicate and illustrate faith to each differing community.
  3. To inspire, equip and strengthen members of local churches who are striving to reach out into their communities but may be lacking resources, ideas or confidence.
  4. To complement the work of the Churches already engaged in outreach or mission work.
  5. To provide unconditional hospitality, conversation and a highly visible, yet different presence of faith at festivals and community events.

We have two VW crafter vans, fondly known as Vincent and Wilfred. We use the vans at community events and whenever we prefer to be dry!

We work across the geographic area of Bristol and South Gloucestershire and are funded by the Methodist Church. The Ark has a team of workers and we seek to be creative in the ways in which we work. To find out more about our work please read on as we share the stories of our work with you.