About Us

The Ark is an innovative and pioneering project that provides alternative ways of sharing God’s love and demonstrating faith.

We’re based in Bristol and South Gloucestershire and we aim to be present to all people whatever their backgrounds or faith experience. We seek opportunities to reach into communities to find different ways of connecting and communicating with people.  We look to encourage and foster a sense of curiosity and a space where people are free to explore and ask questions about God.

We believe in radical hospitality, unconditional welcome and we strive to foster good relationships with those with whom we work. We believe that it is through these relationships people can experience the love of God.  It is our aim to explore more unconventional ways of worship and engagement with faith, with the intention of investing in flourishing relationships that enable energising Jesus centred communities to be imagined and developed.

We are part of the Methodist Church, but work with a variety of churches and other partners in the different activities that we take part in.