Thoughts from the Ark

January 2021

I am a little late in writing January’s ‘Thoughts’, slipping to the first day of February. January felt quite long, I am not sure how it felt like for you? We have spoken with people who have felt ‘slow’ and ‘sluggish’ and the drive to keep motivated has diminished, yet on the flip side the reasons for hope and optimism are visible. The infection numbers seem to be dropping slowly and many people are now getting vaccinated. There is also the wonder of nature to remind us that Spring is on the way and the promise of brighter days and the hope that we can spend time with our loved ones or just more time out and about. There is a horizon at least to peak over!


During January, we have had to respond to the restrictions that once again came with this lockdown. The question of how to reach out and scatter the message of hope and joy whilst knowing that for some this time is so difficult, is an ever-present challenge. Social media and Zoom have both played a part in our ability to speak directly to people and to continue to build relationships, but we are aware that for some these sorts of methods are far from favourable. We are pushed to think creatively so that we can respond to these challenges. The team try to develop pieces of work that can operate both on social media platforms but could also create physical spaces in communities.

The ‘Gifting Space’ is one such idea! This has morphed out of discussions that we have had over the last few months. This space is a sort of swap shop for kindness and love where people can pin up the things which have inspired them or kept them going, or words of wisdom, prayers, top tips or maybe a recipe! As you give your ‘gift’ you can see what other people have left and in turn, that could offer you some encouragement. As one of our team described it a “place where kindness and love are the common currency”.

We have started to trial this on our Facebook page through our Create a Space posts and we are now considering how to develop ‘Gifting Spaces’ within our neighbourhoods, maybe on a fence, a garden or notice board.

“Remember there is no such thing as a small act of kindness. Every act creates ripples”.


We would love to involve all of you in this venture so we are asking if you would share with us the things which inspire or motivate you, what gives you hope, a top tip, a good book, a poem – anything really! We would also like to talk to you if you would like to create a ‘Gifting Space’ in your community. If we join together, we could have small havens in every neighbourhood – the ripples of kindness and connectivity could travel quite a way!


Well, it has now slipped to the second day of February, so I will finish this, and press send on the email. We hope that you will drop us an email, we look forward hearing from you.


Warm wishes from

Jenny, Heidi, and Alex.